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Mi Band: A new the world’s best selling wristband?

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fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band

This time, let's talk about fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. Its main features are typical for products Xiaomi - low cost, nice soft design and overall high quality. Curiously enough, even in a new segment Xiaomi surprises immediately: at a price of 15 $ Mi Band can do almost all the same things as the much more expensive counterparts.

The pedometer looks quite simple - it is a small module weight of 5 grams, with aluminum lid and the base of matt black plastic. The body is water-resistant, certified according to IP67 and also allows you to operate at temperatures from - 20 to 70 degrees.

The module is inserted into the silicone bracelet. The fixation is very reliable and the chances that the module will drop out are virtually absent.

из чего состоит браслет

On the hand the bracelet is fixed with a simple attachment, it is secure and at the same time does not take up much space on the bracelet. Therefore, if you choose an accessory for measuring sleep cycles, Mi Band is definitely worth considering, at least because it’s convenient and does not disturb you during the sleep.

On the module there are three LEDs which can blink in different colors: orange, green, blue and red.Unfortunately almost all they do is demonstrating how much have you done in the selected load and flashes during an incoming call or when the alarm is triggered, but at this point you feel the vibration, so the presence of light indication does not bear a practical use.

fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band

By default, you are buying the Mi Band with silicone bracelet of black color and then it is possible to purchase additional bracelets, which are available in yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and dark blue. The Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet with a black base looks great on the hand: it does not look like a cheap trinket and it does not stand out.

fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band разноцветные

To use a pedometer you need to download and install the program on your Smartphone of the same name - Mi Band. Don’t worry that in Google Play the application is displayed in Chinese. After the first run, it will be displayed in English.

The pedometer is always enabled (if charged), so for its connection with the phone you don't need to click on some buttons on the accessory. Just to put Xiaomi Mi Band on a hand, enable Bluetooth on your phone and conduct a primary search in the program.

In terms of software the capabilities of Mi Band are very small. The application displays the number of steps you made, the overall distance traveled, walking (jogging) time and the number of calories. This data can be viewed in detail for the current day and in general for the preceding days. You can also send the results to friends (share).

fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band и телефон

Finally, Mi Band allows you to keep a record of some exercises. So far only squats and jumping rope are available in the program, but it is also possible to vote for an early addition of one of several other types of exercises.

Daily used bracelet can operate for about 20-30 days from one battery charge, depending on how active you are.

If you need a simple, practical and inexpensive accessory for counting steps and distance traveled, look closely at the Xiaomi Mi Band. The absence of various useful features in terms of software compensates by the low cost and impressive battery life.

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