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Razors: sharpest are not always the best

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Considering the popularity of shaving with a straight and a safety razor in recent years, we would like to talk about how to choose the blade.
мужчины бреются станком

Two-sided blades for safety razors differ in their sharpness and it would be misleading to claim that the sharpest razors are the best. The reason lies in the different bristle hardness and sensitivity of the skin of each man. For some men the blade which is not sharp enough will pull the bristles, causing irritation; for another men a razor which is too sharp will contribute to burning of the skin. In this regard, the choice should be based on your personal experience. Men who start to use a safety razor should not buy the package of several cartridges (which are usually five blades) at once. Better buy 3 cartridges of different companies and through trial and error decide which blades suits you best. On average, you can shave with one blade for 3-4 times, but there are exceptions.

Razor Blades are Expensive

When choosing a straight razor there are several important indicators such as the blade material, blade size and blade concave.

A classic blade is made of carbon steel and more recently a stainless steel. Carbon steel is appreciated by amateurs of these razors more, as its: structure is usually more subtle, which has a positive effect on the sharpness of the blade and its flexibility. Its carbon content is about 0.6 percent. This is enough to achieve Rockwell hardness equal to the maximum of 56 HRc. Higher hardness is undesirable, since the blade must remain flexible, because during the shaving the edge of extremely finely sharpened blade bends - and this is normal.

This steel has a surprising property to “heal” itself. After a few hours or days after the shaving the blade restores itself. But it is better not to use one razor blade two days in a row, but to use two or three by turns.

razor blades

Blade size is measured in inches. Too wide blades are the most flexible, but they are difficult to handle. The narrow blades are stiffer, so the user must have some experience in using a straight razor. The optimal width of the blade is 5/8 - 6/8 inches.

There are 3 degrees of blade concave: non-concave, fully concave and half-concave. Fully concave surface of the blade makes it more flexible. Non-concave blade is stiffer. The blades with a fully concave surface are considered ideal for best shaving results.

мужчина бреется станком

This information will helpyou to learn how to choose the right shaving kit. After all shaving - is a ritual which at the competent approach will bring great pleasure and joy.

Jonh Doe
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