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Meet the new wearable device

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cicret bracelet на руке

Beginning of 2015 and the entire 2014 can be called the years of portable devices, during which we have seen a huge number of "smart" watches, glasses, shoes and bracelets. At the same time, we have repeatedly been presented interesting concepts and prototypes, which, unfortunately, never reached the store shelves. Last November it was announced that a French company Cicret is developing a bracelet, which is equipped with a pico-projector and proximity sensors. The idea of the developers is that the Cicret will project an Android-environment directly on the forearm, turning the user's hand into an improvised OS Android tablet. Proximity sensors register the position of the fingers, touch and gestures, allowing you to work with a bracelet like with the traditional touch screen. To activate / deactivate the device you'll just have to shake your hand.

cicret bracelet на руке

Design and hardware of the Cicret Bracelet is still under development, but the creators are confident that the funds collected on crowdfunding service will help them to achieve the desired goal. The company is also developing an application for the secure messaging with the same name, the beta version of which is now available for Android. If the company collects $ 373,600, it will launch the program on all platforms, and the sum of $ 872,000, according to the company, will help in the further development of the Cicret.

At first glance The Cicret Bracelet looks like something similar to the popular today fitness bracelets and is shaped like a "smart" bracelets Jawbone. The developer plans to release waterproof versions in different colors.

cicret bracelet

To interact with the user the abovementioned pico-projector that will project images on a hand and a line of eight proximity sensors that will monitor the movement of your finger are installed in the bracelet. In addition, the device will have an accelerometer, a vibration motor for notifications, wireless adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also it will be provided with a flash drive with a capacity of 16 or 32 GB, Micro-USB port, and LEDs to indicate the status.

This bracelet will allow sending and receiving messages and e-mails, surfing the Internet, running games and other. The Cicret Bracelet can function alone or be paired with a Smartphone.

Simply put - this is a full mobile device, but the most important thing is that the Cicret has its own screen and it is not glass. No more worries about breaking glass or plastic, no more stains on the screen.

cicret bracelet

The disadvantage of Cicret is that the device has no camera. However, is this the most difficult problem? Even without it, is it so bad to have non-breaking and non-sinking Smartphone right on yourself?

Today The Cicret Bracelet exists only as a prototype. The release of the device is planned for 2015, approximately in the summer. It is expected that the price of the bracelet will be about $ 400. If the device will come to market, it will be a real revolution and could mark the beginning of a new era of mobile devices, literally "burying" the concept of smart phones and tablets.

Jonh Doe
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