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Take care of your facial hair!

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Today beards have become a real trend - they make an impression of presentability, bring intelligence to your eyes and throw a cloak of stylishness.
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You have thought carefully and have decided to change your style a little bit … and to get rid of daily shaving by growing a stylish beard. So where to start from? Choose the beard suiting your face form the most! A big variety of beards are at your disposal.

The most popular ones are:

  • Full beard;
  • Donegal;
  • Goatee;
  • Soul patch;
  • Chin strip;
  • Mustache;
  • Mutton chops.

The full beard is perhaps the most popular of the most popular beards, a good classic version of beards. We advise you to leave your cheek line in the natural form.

man with full beard

The Donegal is a uniform strip of facial hair from ear to ear. Basically it is the same as the previous beard, though without mustache. This beard is the easiest type for those who have mastered up courage to sprout a beard for the first time. Grow a full beard and then just shave off your mustache, one, two, three - and here is an enigmatic, intelligent guy!


The goatee. This type of a beard is not only stylish but also very easy to take care of. It is actually facial hair below your lower lip. We advise to keep vertical lines of the beard slightly curved and keep the width that corresponds to the width of your lips.

goatee type beard

The soul patch is a variant of the goatee. First of all, let your goatee grow. Then leave a small area below your lower lip by shaving off the rest. You can regulate its size up to your preferences.

soul patch type

The chin strip and moustache are a goatee plus mustache. If you have already grown a mustache - great! Simply leave it and sprout a vertical strip below your mouth. You can adjust the size of your goatee to the size you prefer and it should be a good combination with the size of your mustaches.

The chin strip beard type

The mutton chops are long whiskers growing down to the corners of your lips. Their bottom line should be along with your jaw line. Shape vertical lines of the mutton chops to your own taste. The mutton chops visually lengthen the form of your face if it is, for example, round or broad.

mutton chops

These are the main types of beards being good and easy for beginners. There is a big variety of other beards which are versions of the classic ones listed above. You can also prove your creativity and mix elements of different types of facial hair trends.

Remember if you have decided to get a beard, forget about razors. Because as soon as you grow facial hair enough to form a beard, a razor will not cope with this hair. Firstly, you should use scissors to cut hair and then our piece of advice is to buy a special trimmer. With this great instrument you can shape your beard in whatever form regardless of its type. And, of course, after long usage you will become a real prof in beards.

Also to make your beard look good, you should not forget about daily care which includes combing, trimming, shaping your facial hair. That will make an impression of not only a good-looking guy but also of a guy who cares about his appearance and keeps up with today’s fashion trends. So if you feel this is something right for you, take a risk and go ahead!

Jonh Doe
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