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Cap bridges generation gaps

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The forgotten newsboy cap is coming back to the world of men’s style. In appearance the newsboy cap looks very much the same as a flat eight-faced cap being often called an ‘apple’ cap. It has roundish top and necessarily a button in the middle.
newsboy cap

The newsboy cap is now in vogue so stylists offer more and more new casual looks where this cap suits just ideally! One of the most popular looks is usage of low-rise trousers, loose jersey and a scarf in tune to the fashionable cap. Soft-colored newsboy caps look good practically with any outfit. Moreover, with the help of caps it is possible to correct visually a facial form - making an elongated face more proportional and a round one narrower.

Harkila Torridon

Exactly such fashionable caps can be seen in films about London of past times; they were usually worn by swanking around boys delivering newspapers but nevertheless in our generation this cap is a trendsetter for men’s fashion and looks very fresh. During the recent fashion shows fashionable designers have often complemented the men’s looks with such caps and explaining that exactly this cap type can give flair of foppery.

newsboy cap

Such caps are available in different colors - from pale checked caps to bright and with intricate prints. As a rule such caps are made up of wool, leather and cotton.

newsboy cap

If you have ever had in question which men’s caps are now fashionable, than you may consider that you have found the answer - a newsboy cap has been in peak of popularity for several years! You can find your cap without any difficulties in round the corner boutiques or internet-shops choosing among caps in different colors and designs. If you are not passionate about fashion, you can just buy the cap to refresh your casual look and to look neat anyway.

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