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Fashionable beard for brutal men and not only!

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beard without the mustache

For centuries beard was considered as an attribute to a real man. Now vogue of beards has come back to the world of men’s fashion. We should thank hipsters for this. Originally hair shadowing was associated with negligent appearance and low social status. Now, it turns out that to have a beard is a prestigious and expensive thing, as soon as for care cosmetics you need to have a small fortune. Elite beauty salons offer more and more often an additional service of trimming mustaches and beards, and aesthetic centers offer its implantation.

Ushinsky and Lincoln with a beard without a mustache

Beard without mustache. Probably it is rather an esthetic issue - is the beard so good if to wear it without mustaches? It is not so popular as beard plus mustache that has become a classic. Beard without mustache will definitely look originally. Though, in the Islamic world it is not so unusual, Muslims often follow instructing of Muhammad - “Cut mustaches and grow beards”. If you have decided to differentiate yourself from others, than trust it to a barber who will help you to choose the beard form most suitable to you. Be careful in choosing the beard type, otherwise you may just look awkward.

beard without the mustache

How to choose a beard? Facial forms determine the necessary types of beards.

For a triangular face it is important to broaden visually the lower face part so that the chin becomes more massive. You can try, for instance, the beard in the form of square, horseshoe or slightly roundish beard.

For the owners of round faces a beard from temple to temple and/or trapezoidal will be good. This will help to “elongate” your facial form. Moreover, the goatee type will fit well. Try to avoid the mutton chops type.

beard without a mustache

For an elongated facial form the roundish horseshoe beard or just usual mutton chops fit good. The main goal is to broaden visually your face. It is not recommended to use the goatee and similar types as they “elongate” such a face.

Those who have an oval face are just lucky - no restrictions on beard types! You can experiment till the crack of doom.

beard without the mustache

Beard care. It is very important to keep your beard and skin underneath moistened. As they often become dry, especially in unfavorable weather conditions. Beard oil will help you to protect your beard and make it softer, thicker and your beard will look healthy and shining. As an alternative to expensive oils you can use coconut oil for everyday care. It is recommended to apply about 5-8 drops of oil in a day, softly rubbing it into the beard.

beard without a mustache

Conclusion: In spite of all these recommendations it is worth striving for individuality. You choose which beard type to wear and what you would like to express with it. In this way you are an author yourself. In any way, beard without mustache can become a fashionable and elegant “accessory” for you if you choose its form correctly and take care of it regularly.

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