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Be Stylish, Be Yourself

First you judge ‘how nice’, then you judge ‘how wise’. Men’s charisma is no doubt important but the outside gives people very good indication on what is inside. That ‘nice’ could be easily achieved through thoroughly picked up clothes matching your inner state. In the first meeting people look primarily at person’s clothes, the first impression stays for a long time in the people’s memory with which we establish the first contact. In a few words, to neglect appearance nowadays is just unforgivable. 

And one should start from… his shoes. Always try to pick up qualitative shoes – footwear can be sporty, classic and casual but necessarily of good quality and comfortable to you! Secondly, regardless your profession, you should have at least one classic suit in your closet which will be appropriate for different occasions from a business meeting to the first date. You should also own a pair of jeans fitting you in the best way which you can combine with shirts and T-shirts depending on the situation. Speaking about T-shirts, there should be several of them in your closet made from natural qualitative fabrics, additionally keep at least three shirts in light colors – white, blue, beige. Your clothes should be in perfect condition but it does not imply you need to waste a lot of money on buying new clothes, no, just take care of it. Good hangers and effective wash powders will do their job. And the last but not least, ignore fashion novelties and trends, be yourself, find the clothes fitting you best and you will feel comfortable everywhere. 

Mental beauty and great intelligence are absolutely important, though in our century of information and interpersonal communication one cannot but pay attention to his appearance. Regardless of your place of residence and social position, always select qualitative clothing and keep a set of classic wear suitable for different occasions. And remember: those women stating that appearance does not matter are just flirting with you