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Give your tie a try!

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Gerard Butler

Tie is the most sought-after accessory for men as it is practically the only way to counterchange fairly conservative and monotone men’s clothing. A tie can tell about person’s nature, habits and lifestyle of its owner as well as can help to get an overview about corporate traditions and values.

The wider coat’s shoulders are, the narrower should be the very tie. Modern suit fashion is not oriented at expressive shoulders’ line; therefore, the optimal width is 9-11 cm.

Let’s learn how to tie a tie fast.

Simple knot. An ideal way to tie a tie for those who are in a hurry or have just started to learn how to tie a tie.

Simple knot

Universal knot. One of the most popular ways to tie a tie. This way is good for wide and tight ties or silk ties in usual width.

Universal knot

Elegant knot. This method is analogous to the universal knot, though it is necessary to add one more turn from the right side of collar corner. In order to achieve the right size of the knot, please change place of the narrow and wide ends of a tie or use ties in different widths.

Elegant knot

X.3. Suits to shirts with turtle neck and is ideal for ties made of wool and cashmere.


Pratt knot. An easy way, suits to shirts with a buttoned collar.

Pratt knot

Quarter knot. This is an easy long and straight knot for shirts with standard collars.

Quarter knot

Windsor knot is a voluminous triangular tight knot for shirts with wide collars. It is very hard to tie and to remember the sequence of actions. Though, if you have time at weekends and if you are going to an important event, you can give a try having found its video tutorial on YouTube.

Windsor knot

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