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Save Shave

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In reality shaving clean is kind of art. And it is better to learn how to do it perfectly because we should do it during our whole life.
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So how can you become perfect in shaving with a razor? First of all, it is necessary to choose a razor type. It can be a razor with disposable blades, one-use razor or electric razor. Everything depends upon your skin type and its sensitivity. Actually, using an electric razor does not require any special instructions, though it is not suitable to anyone as not all electric razors cope with coarse bristle. Then it may be hard to shave clean all in-grown hairs. So this information is rather for those using usual razors.

Step one. Wash yourself thoroughly with a lot of hot water before shaving. In such a way you will prepare yourself for the contact with blades and it will soften bristle. Moreover, you can use specialized creams for that purpose.

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Step two. Squeeze a small amount of shaving gel or foam into your hand and spread it evenly on your chin, cheeks and neck in smooth circular motions - this will insure even embracing of all skin areas which you are going to shave. It is important that you use a blade with fine edges! Do not use dull razors as in most cases it brings strong skin irritation and cuts. In case you use one-use razors, change them often, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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Step three. Start shaving from your cheeks, from up to down. The main thing here is helping by slightly pulling facial skin with a free hand. No need to press a razor strong. After shaving your cheeks and neck it is time to switch to chin and mustaches. In these places bristle is the coarsest and by the time you have shaven your cheeks and neck a shaving product has enough time to moisture this area and to soften its hairs.

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Step four. Double-check your face for the presence of omitted areas. Shave them choosing different angles. Then wash with cold water and apply an after-shaving lotion. And the last but not least - enjoy doing it!

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