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How to Grow a Beard

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Abraham Lincoln who fatherly looks at you from five dollar banknote didn’t always look so manly. A young voter Grace Bedell asked Lincoln to grow his famous beard just a few weeks before his entry into the presidential office. And Lincoln truly became president. So if you also want to emphasize your masculinity and capture ladies' imagination start growing facial hair following our advice.

Alas, there is no commonly used beard that would fit everyone. It’s the same as with the haircut - you can choose one, but it is better to go to the hairdresser or Barbershop and put yourself in barber’s hands.

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So, you figured what you would like to have on your face. Ahead you have six months of dealing with a pretty whimsical creature.

First steps

First off get yourself a short bristle - don’t shave for two weeks. Then go to the barber. He will assess how the hair grows and say if there are any problems, for example, beard and mustache grow in patches. Sometimes it is even advised to refuse from beard and confine to bristle. There is a popular myth that the more often you shave the better and thicker hair will grow. It won’t.

One month later

Брэд Питт с легкой небритостью

This period will disappoint you. The beard hasn’t grown enough to keep the desired shape and sticks out in different directions, giving the wearer a dashing and a bit mad appearance. The skin itches beneath it, but soon it will pass. To form its appearance the beard should be trimmed gradually. In addition, the beard has to gain weight on the chin, but not at the neck - ensure that the Adam's apple is always open (you can do it yourself, it is difficult to spoil something). More news for those who have never grown a beard: it absorbs odors. If you don’t notice it, your girlfriend will, once you gave her a garlic-sausage kiss. Buy a special wax for mustaches. It holds the hair and also has different fragrances.

Six months later

Бен Аффлек с бородой

Meet your beard. Now you have something to stroke while you’re thinking. There is a possibility that the color will be different from the color of the hair on your head, and in this case there is a staining service.

Bathe and comb your Beard daily. Regular shampoo will do for washing, but don’t use soap: your skin wouldn’t like it and would answer you with dryness and flaking. To improve the appearance burdock oil or palm oil are used.

How to trim?

мужчина стрижет бороду триммером

To maintain the shape of the beard yourself feel free to buy a hair trimmer with different attachments. However, at first, until you will fill the hand, be careful: is easy to spoil the beard by making jagged border or shaving off too much.

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