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How to dye the beard and mustache?

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Most beard carriers are not satisfied with the color of their beard. The color of the beard is affected by smoking, age, hormonal cycles and time of year. Often the color of the beard becomes uneven, sometimes with age beard color changes. In addition, it is not protected from gray hair. Unfortunately, time is fleeting. Before you know it gray hair will start to appear on the head, mustache and beard. If you do not want to show your age yet, dye your beard and mustache. How to do it at home?

The question of coloring beards should be approached with caution. Hair dye is not suitable here - the skin of the chin and above the lips, as well as cheeks can get burns. Only special beard color dye is suitable. Also you can get such service in salons and barbershops.

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  1. Choose the right color for your facial hair. Most men do not pay close attention to this but you have to be sure that the color will look good on your face. It should look natural, so that people couldn't spot the difference. Compare your hair with the color on the box and select an appropriate one.
  2. Prepare the things which you will need. The apron will help you to protect clothes from spills and splashes. Also, you'll need gloves. Cover the nearby furniture with newspapers or some old unnecessary clothes.
  3. Read the dye instructions carefully and follow them. Some dyes indicate special instructions, so be careful with this. If necessary mix all the ingredients according to the instructions.
  4. Apply some baby soap on the area around the mustache and beard to protect the skin from irritation. If the dye gets on these areas, wipe it with a cloth and then apply some baby soap again.
  5. Apply the dye on mustache and beard using a brush. Leave the paint for a few minutes, depending on the time specified in the instructions. Better start a timer to avoid missing this time.
  6. Rinse the beard well until water runs clear.
  7. For even color beard should be tinted on average once a week or once every two weeks.

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There is also a “gradual”dye that provides results in 4-6 weeks. That is if you are a bit shy and don’t want to come to the office one Monday morning and hear from each co-worker: “Оh! What happened to your beard?”

And remember - stylists say that the color of the beard after dyeing should not differ by more than one tone darker of the hair color.

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